StrategicPoints Blog Gets Restarted

This website blog run by, me, Dan Gudema, was started in 2009. I like to write about tech, startups, and online marketing. From 2009 to 2017 I wrote over 140 blog articles. Around 2018 I started to focus on StartupPOP,, another website with another focus and blog and eventually I mostly wrote my articles on Medium,

About 3 years ago this website got so hacked, I had to turn it off. That is what happens when you have WordPress sites that get over 10 years old with no regular maintenance. That is why this was shut down. I had this domain, for sale, and it is still on sale on Afternic for quite a while. Nobody made me an offer. Contact me if you want to buy it.

What I did find is the domain still had some good domain authority out there, and because I have an SEO business, this would be a great site, with great articles and great SEO to turn back on. So that is why this is back. Thank you for visiting and visit my Medium site for more articles.