Web Programming

StrategicPoints Web Programming

We develop in the following technologies:

PHP & Mysql

Cold Fusion & MySQL or SQL Server or Oracle

Linux, Sun, HP or Windows Servers

WordPress and WordPress Plugins, Mediawiki, Open Source

We believe the choice of technology depends upon the project. Many developers have their own preferences. Sometimes the technology is based on systems already in place at clients and sometimes it depends on cost. For instance, starter accounts in PHP can develop solutions on accounts which cost very little. This is perfect for a basic website. Much of the cost then would be spent on customizing the solution. Whether you are a very large corporation or a small operation, it is important to choose your technology wisely. For instance, there are cases where Java would be the preferred language. However, most ecommerce projects are developed in either PHP or Cold Fusion. It all depends on the situation.


Many of our recent projects have incorporated WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System). This is the part of the solution in which the user accesses his or her site and writes content such as blog entries. We believe WordPress is not about the present, but about the future. Open Source based, written in PHP with MySQL, WordPress is gaining critical mass, and our development efforts support the base application as well as developing advanced Plugins.

Database Technologies.

For many web development projects which require a database, we believe that MySQL is adequate. Many companies have already invested in SQL Server technology, and therefore require the systems to connect and use these databases. Our experience with databases in MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle once again lead us to make a choice with clients based on their needs.

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