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StrategicPoints e-Marketing

Conversion and Landing Page Optimization

Dan Gudema received his certificate in Landing Page Optimization in early 2009 from Marketing Experiments. This certificate shows that our firm has received training in a special method of optimizing web pages. In addition we follow the book and theory of “Don’t Make Me Think”. The conversion and landing page optimization process begins with a site review. Once the site review is complete, our clients go through slow site and landing page optimization redesigns.

Google Analytics

Our company has over 10 years of enterprise level web analytics experience including working with Webtrends, Hitbox, Site Catalyst, Clicktracks, Fireclick and the most important one of all, Google Analytics. These packages are used by our staff to analyze your site and to make improvements and understand the improvements.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the art of being found on the web through search engines by optimizing your website for search engine spiders and search engine submissions. We have been involved with Internet Marketing (e-Marketing) since the very beginning of the Internet. Our experience specifically with Organic (Natural) search engines has been extensive. Having attended the eTail2003 conference, eTail2004 conference,DMA Net.Marketing conference and having worked with several large ecommerce providers, we believe we know enough about SEO to be able to take on projects in this area. We have recently partnered with Hitsource, a company which specials in SEO and PPC marketing. This seems to be a growing area of business on the web and we will be keeping up on the subject in the future.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click): is one of the fastest growing fields in Internet advertising. Unlike its competitors such as banner ads, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and a host of other advertising methods, PPC is essentially the use of Google and Overture to sell or buy keywords at prices set by the market. We have had several years of experience working with PPC marketing. PPC marketing has recently expanded into Datafeed Marketing (Shopping Engine Marketing). With several partners we can serve your business in their eMarketing efforts.

Datafeed Marketing:

Datafeed Marketing is essentially sending your products/services to shopping engines for click-through listings at market prices. This new field has burdgeoned into a top place for product placement. Datafeeds are used to manage the information that is sent to the search engines. These datafeeds have to be developed and sent on a regular basis to shopping engine portals such as Froogle, Shopping.com and ShopZilla.com (BizRate). Please contact us if you need consulting in this growing area of our business.

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