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Business Plans:

We have some experience with developing business plans. A lot of people ask us what is in a business plan. What is a good business plan? What has to be in it and why is it important. In 2004 StrategicPoints, LLC won the prestigious Florida Atlantic University Technology Business Plan Contest. The first question is do you need a business plan. Maybe you don’t, but that depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are a small start-up it may or may not be necessary. If you are trying to raise money, then it is a necessity. If you are trying to sell your business, it is critical. If you are planning on developing a rapid start-up and need direction, it could be invaluable. Our experience with the web, combined with business plan writing may be the specific formula you are searching for in terms of consulting. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Projections and Analysis:

For several years, the principal owner of StrategicPoints worked with a combination of Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Webtrends. These are the top web analytic providers in the ecommerce business today. In addition, we have extensive experience with forecasting statistics. Once again, combine this background with web development and you may be finding the right mix for consulting to your business.

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