Writing Specifications

For most custom websites, mobile apps and custom social platforms, one of the keys to success is the writing of the specifications.  Specifications are documents that explain to the designers, programmers and architects, what they are building.  It can be as simple as a wireframe image to a 100 page document.  This clearly defined spec (short for specification) lets a web team develop your app.

So, what happens when a project does not have a spec?  Well, either the development company needs to create their own spec (often a disaster), or the project will take forever, because the developers never understand project.  Or quite frankly the project just ends.

How To Fix This?

Well,  you can start writing your own spec write now for your project.  It should be visual.  It should have notes, diagrams, information for the dev team that will help them understand all the logic.  It is the one thing in web dev and mobile app dev that makes life easier.  Contact us and find out if we can do it for you.

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