Using #Gmail like the Old Outlook

Did you know you can send and receive email as any email address you want through a single Gmail account?

I have been a user of Gmail since the moment it went live around 2001 or so.  Over the years apparently Google added and added tons of features in Gmail and I just got behind the times.  So about a year ago when somebody told me that I could easily set up my additional email addresses through Gmail, I was very pleased.  Who wants to login to that system or this system.

Yet, over the years I keep running into people who either tell me they feel they have to use either Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird or other email programs that are often desktop for email consolidation and using one system.

So, whenever I point out to people that I use a single gmail account for all these email addresses, they always ask me how?

In fact, even though I see myself as a tech savvy person I often miss some of the details as well when setting these things up. For instance I had only set up the outgoing email or what we call the SMTP version of my email on Gmail and not the incoming.  What I had done for incoming was set up forwarding at the hosting company.  But it turns out this is not the only way this can be accomplished.

So, here is a site that explains exactly how to set up each of these processes:

How to use Gmail for your Godaddy email

You will see two scenarios.  You have to follow these instructions for both scenarios to set up both incoming and outgoing emails on Gmail.  What I find the best part of this is setting up emails I receive to be from specific domain names and you make a choice of who you want to send as…