social media & the death of the custom cms

Whether it is twitter, linkedin, facebook or myspace, there is no doubt that social media is here to stay as part of the framework of the web. So that is why most cms and blog software are building into them automatically, everything from rss to seo permalinks, to sitemaps, to ping outs. This means that the days of writing your own cms are coming to a close. Whether you prefer Drupal, WordPress or other open source, the days of rolling your own CMS are finished. These may be fighting words for most developers, but the business world sees it differently. This is not even an open source vs. commercial software issue. It is a fact of life. When I look over a company’s portfolio and see links ending in .cfm, .asp or .php, I see the old way, compared with the new way. That is why sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and follow a new way.

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