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WordPress Websites, Ecommerce Websites, Web Marketing, Web Analytic Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, WEB BASED BUSINESS PLANS, Web Development, Social Video, Periscope & Meerkat Promotional Services, PHP Programming, Javascript, MySQL, LAMP, Web & Mobile App Business Planning, Building Custom Web & Mobile Applications

Web Management Consulting, Executive Summaries, Pitch Decks, Business Plans, Projections For Start-Ups, PHP, MySQL, LAMP, Mobile Apps, Web Anaytics, Web Tools, Consulting, Turn Arounds, Ecommerce
Social Video & Social Media

Do you want to try to use the new social video medium as a way to promote your product or service. We can assist you on how to do this correctly. Consult with experts in using this new form of media that is going to change everything.

Custom Web & Mobile Apps

For the past 15 years we have either built or managed custom website and mobile application development. We provide the leadership and management to make sure the project goes as planned.

Preparing For Investors

For many tech start-ups the tech is what they know. All start-ups need a plan to follow in the form of executive summary, pitch deck, pro formas, biz plan whether they are raising capital or not.

Web Analytics & Consulting

Let’s say you have an existing website or project needing web analytics. We are adept at coming into existing web and mobile solutions and providing expertise. This can include providing a tech team.

Looking For A PHP Programmer Or Need Help With Web Analytics, like Site Catalyst, Omniture or Google Analytics, Then Contact Us Now!

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About Us

Develop Your Tech Start-up
You Need The Right Docs To Talk About Capital With Investors!

For over 15 years, StrategicPoints has consulted to a variety of start-ups and corporations.

We can work with you from concept to completion for web properties and mobile applications.

Often this includes writing your start-up executive summary, pitch deck, financial (pro forma) projections, and full business plan.

We also develop web based solutions for clients based on the level of the project. This may include WordPress set up to managing a sophisticated custom web or mobile project with a team of developers.

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  • Web Analytics

    Google Analytics, Omniture, Site Catalyst, Coremetrics and others

  • Product Management

    Application Specifications, Content, Pricing, Strategy

  • Web & Mobile Dev

    Custom web and mobile applications as well as Wordpress

  • Business Plans

    executive summaries, pitch decks, business plans, financial projections

Skills And Locations

WordPress Boca Raton, WordPress Delray Beach, WordPress Fort Lauderdale, Web Analytics Boca Raton, Google Analytics Boca Raton, Omniture Analytics Boca Raton, Coremetrics Analytics Boca Raton, Ecommerce Boca Raton, Ecommerce Deefield Beach, Ecommerce Delray Beach, Web Programmer, Web Developer, Cold Fusion, PHP, Mysql, LAMP Boca Raton, LAMP Deerfield Beach, LAMP Delray Beach, PHP Palm Beach County, PHP Programmer Boca Raton, PHP Programmer Deerfield Beach, Programmer Delray Beach, Programmer South Florida.

Our Team

We have a team with an avg of 20 years of experience per person.
Dan Gudema
Since 1999, Dan has been working on web projects from web analytics to large software projects, to the largest speed dating company in the US. Dan has experience with Web Product Management, Web Analytics, Ecommerce, Patents, Business Plans & Pitch Decks
Linda Delucca
Linda has over 20 years of Internet Marketing, Web Design and Ecommerce experience. Linda has worked as a Director in large corporations and small ecommerce companies, managing milliions in dollars of yearly sales. She is also a sales scripting expert.


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