How Many Uses Can Evernote Have?

Since listening to Guy Kawasaki Tweet (Another plug for Guy! Guy you have to follow me @dgudema for that one!) on about, I have been intrigued enough to start using Evernote, and after a while I came to the conclusion that this is a pretty good solution for virtual postit notes.

How Does Evernote Work?

Basically Evernote is pretty simple in what it accomplishes and that is creating virtual notes. I have annotated this in another article. Simply put you can store your bits of information like a postit, except virtually online. You can pull up these notes by tagging (a kind of categorization) and view them like square notes or by Detailed view. You can store HTML based notes (like URLS of websites) or you can store images or audio. And of course you can access this from an iPhone and I believe several other phones, which is the killer app part of it. Is it rocket science? No, in the complicated world we live in. Does it do the job well? Yes. That is all that matters.

How have I used it so far?

Personal Notes At Conferences
Personal Notes About Events
Personal Notes About What I have to do
Personally What I Have Done
Where I Need To Go
Website Addresses (so I can easly copy and paste them)
Comments About Websites
Pictures of homes that I am considering buying
Notes about homes that I am considering buying
Insurance numbers for the next hurricaine
Insurance numbers for the doctor
Some login info for obscure sites I don’t visit often
pictures of friends that I want to keep in a safe place, not just on the phone
Gifts that I want to remember to buy people
my wedding anniversary
my sons birthday
my sons friends names
tasks for my businesses
EINs and other business numbers, accounts
phone numbers
stocks I am researching or want to buy
Big Reminders

I guess Evernote suits me well because I don’t actually do well with the conventional calendaring that I also have in Outlook and in Google. Also not a replacement for Google Bookmarks… If you are a free spririt and use the physical notes that are all around you PC, then this is the place for you.

Evernote To The Rescue

I have been listening to Guy Kawasaki tweeting over and over again about Evernote. What is Evernote, at Evernote is simply the equivalent of 3M Sticky Pads, except virtual. As far as I know there probably has been many attempts since the Internet began to do something like this, from Yahoo calendar, to Google Docs, to login and reminder services, even eVite. And there probably is about a dozen competitors out there, that I don’t know about. Recently there has been a bunch of companies with Disk Space available, sometimes for free (for a period or size), but Evernote is different.

Why is Evernote different?

And just like Guy Kawasaki has been pointing out, they do it better, simpler, make it more available, and useable. And like many Internet products out there, there is a free version. The basic features rock! I will just throw them out without looking carefully. The fact that I can remember them is pretty cool. Meanwhile I bet you there are competitors with a thousand more features, but this company seems to put them together in a way that is comprehensible.

1. Access

You can access Evernote over the web or through a mobile device, such as the Iphone. Since I am an Iphone user, it is like the perfect app for the perfect device. So when I create a new note for myself on the Iphone, I can easily find it online.

2. Free

Did I mention this service, the basic service is free, up to something like 500 megabytes.

3. Types of Notes

Not just one type of note. You can create text, html, picture notes, voice notes, even a series of pictures. Wondering if they store video too. If they don’t they will.

4. Tagging

Not that this is too critical, but they allow tagging, which means you can easily annotate and find your notes, if you create a thousand of them.

5. Date, Time, Easy Create, Easy Save and Listing vs. Thumbnails.

These are the basics that you would expect from a great service. The UI is easy to navigate, easy to use and basically makes life easy to work with.

Lots of times with these free apps, I would give them a try and then quickly abandon them. Not Evernote. It seems to have staying power.

All this said, and I have been using it for several weeks and still finding new uses. Let me give you some of the uses I use for (just like the sticky pads on my desk, in fact I am using less sticky pads than ever before because of this). I reach for my ipod and create a note, not a postit… Beware 3M, your virtual equivalent is at the door… Some of the uses, tracking and notating information about my refi, keeping dates and notes like anniversaries and birthdays, tracking information like my insurance account numbers, things I mean to do, things I have to do, things I want to do, things I did and want to remember, even things I don’t!

Just go to and start it up. I would recommend using the Iphone, though they are supporting other smartphones.