My #2016 #Technology #Predictions

What is going to happen in the tech world in 2016?

This article is another version of the article I published in Linkedin about technology changes in 2016.  You can read that article (same pretty much, by clicking here on Linkedin if you want to follow me there.  The reason I repost my articles is Linkedin is not very diligent at getting my articles outside of Linkedin.

If you have read Innevitable Surprises by Peter Schwartz, you will understand why I think these things will happen. He has a theoretical way of predicting things and I just use his theories to come up with these “hair-brain” ideas.  Here are my tech predictions for 2016.

2016 Technology Predictions

1. Periscope Paid Services
I think that Periscope will figure out a way they can let users pay for services and let other users to make money from these services in both marketplaces and private sessions.  My prediction is that Periscope will become one of the faster growth revenue models in 2016.  I can only imagine what these services will be. But let’s just say video conferences, tours, etc. Somebody is going to make some money here, and as many who follow me know, I find Periscope very compelling!

2. The iBook
I have been waiting for Apple to introduce a version of the iPad that has two sides and closes up like a book.  It makes total sense because then you can close her up and not smash the screen.  Come on Apple, you have pretty much made every other kind of iPad thingy. Plus humans are used to reading books like books not like smartphones!

3.  The Drone Car
Why not? This was bound to happen!  We have seen so many of these drones moving packages and zipping around everywhere. I predict we will see a drone based vehicle for humans as a prototype in 2016.

4. Real Equity Tech Crowd Funding
This is the year you will be able to buy very early shares in the next Apple, Priceline or Twitter.  The government is passing Title 3 and Title 4 in 2016.  It is real and basically it will allow you to buy a couple hundred dollars worth of shares in early startups, long before Venture Capital comes into the picture!  And Venture Capital is not happy about the fact that you can get ahead of them.  It is a big time opportunity for the little investor out there!

5. Interactive Picture Frames
We have all seen those cheap digital picture frames you can buy at Wal-Mart.  I think that this year we will see cheap interactive digital picture frames.  So now you can not just watch pictures of your relatives, but it can ring and say hello!  This is good and cool, but kind of creepy.  This should be the year for that interactive video phone frame right on the wall!

6. Clouds In The Closet
I have come across this idea several times.  Right now we all work with cloud computing at some data center, some where out there.  I think a lot of companies will be bringing a new type of technology in-house for a lot of reasons.  It will however resemble and interact with the cloud.  This is really another Internet of Things concept, but the cloud comes home baby!

7. Mechanic In Your Car
The founder of Waze is working diligently on building an interactive marketplace where mechanics can access your cars remotely, bid on fixing your problem and monitor your car.  It’s a definite thing about to happen.  Market forces are working themselves out on this one, but they are focused and dis-inter-mediation is coming soon! (That’s an MBA term for removing the middle man).  Not sure who the middle man is in this case, but it is happening.

8. Big Guys Offer Beacon Services
I think Apple and Google are going to be crushing the beacon market with a variety of services that let anybody from retail to hospitals (who will pay) know when people arrive, where they go in the building and lots of other stats.  We see a ton of small companies trying to enter this market, but it really will take Apple and Google to do it to make it happen. Why is it going to happen big time?  Because it is the next evolution in Geospatial services!

9. Home Automation China Black Boxes
I predict a number of amazing products will come out of China that will assist in automating the home cheaply and efficiently, which can be purchased at Wal-Mart.  What will they be.  Well, how about a little black box that monitors your air quality.  How about one that is a connected smoke detector?  How about one to test your water?  How about one to monitor your kids?  How about one to monitor your plants.  Well, you get the picture.  Little black boxes for you and me to pop on the wifi to do little chores!

10. The End Of Cable As We Know It
I think 2016 will result in Internet based companies Netflix, Apple and Chrome (Google) and a few others offering a complete way out of Cable with all the “live” channels you want.  And take that Comcast!  I think that this is long overdue and there seems to have been a quiet period, but tech is growing exponentially.  Whatever the next evolution of this tech it will arrive and take the world by storm, because obviously what Comcast and AT&T offer right now is pretty much crap!

That is my prediction for 2016.  Let’s see if any of these hair-brained ideas happen!  If you want to challenge me or add any more then please add more on my original Linkedin article by clicking here.

Let’s come back to this article next year and compare notes, and see how many I have hit the nail on the head with!

By the way, how do I come up with these ideas.

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Dan Gudema

On Words: Web Linguistics

People ask me questions about this piece of technology and that piece of technology. What i am often asked, even by experts themselves, is whether this is the right term or not.  This is for a technology discussion or a pitch.  Either way, there is some confusion about the difference or use of the words.  For instance Plugin vs. Add-on.

I am putting together a list of used and mis-used words that I am hearing a lot of in Internet ventures, from Angels, VCs and just kids playing with web sites.  These words have become interchangeable within each group, mainly because the general population really does not see a difference, but tech people know there is a difference.

I know I will embarrass myself here because there are sticklers who are more specific about these words and their use.  I am just pointing out the blurring of the lines and how the web has changed the language and meaning of these words for users, who find themselves having to explain things to people on calls to their technology companies whether its the phone company, cable or third party provider.

Words have a funny way of changing over the years.  I am writing this blog entry as would William Safire in the New York Times Sunday addition I used to read as a kid.  He would cover all the new words he has heard and give a history to where they came from in their origin often citing the Oxford Dictionary.  I read it every week carefully.

Plugin, Add-on, Extension

All three words seem to convey the same existential meaning, a piece of a software that creates new value that can be added or not added to your existing piece of software.  This is not the same as an App.  These are extra stuff.  I am sure they had historic meanings for each and when they first came into use.  And of course WordPress uses Plugin and Joomla uses Add-ons.  Quite honestly these 3 are becoming completely interchangeable.

Feature, Function

Somewhere along the way, while programmers know technically what a function is, the actual user does not see the difference in these things that you get when you plugin or add-on stuff.  They just see a new piece of working software that does something.  For end users these words are synonymous, though programmers would beg to differ.

Widget, Drop-in

Once again thank WordPress for coming up with the word Widget, which is a little different than a feature.  These are things that you put in your software yourself and they go to work.  There are occasionally drop-in apps around that kind of work like a widget.  The widget reference I think is different than other extension type applications, in that it is specific to a place on the page.

Pop-up, Pop-Under, Light-box, Hover

These are things that just annoy us that show up when we arrive or leave a website. I am including a Light-box here, because that is a thingy that shows functionality as well, but takes over your screen with a dark silhouette in the background.  The Light-box is a pop-up of sorts, but it uses a local function, so it is technically not a pop-up.  A hover, as you know comes up with a mouse on-over.  These 4 words have kind of merged into one thing for users, extra things or functionality that occurs on an action.  But users like everything don’t always get the difference.

Template, Theme, Skin, Brand

What has happened with these four words is they have come to virtually mean the same thing to people, whereby the look and feel or Brand of the software can change, yet the guts or application remains the same.  Everybody talks about where to get their newest theme.  Yet, we know as programmers that a template is more than just a visual  But what has happened in WordPress is Themes have programming in them.  So the lines are getting blurred.

Program, Application, Platform, System, App

Most of these are old technology words.  That have various technical meaning to programmers, yet to the user, there is no difference.  These words refer to the computer program.  Even the word App has now on it’s own come out and stands for specifically a Mobile or Smartphone app.  The word Platform for PHP and .Net programmers has come to mean which method they are using to program…  Not important to end users though.

Smartphone, Tablet, Ipad, Iphone, Mobile, Cellular, Cell

Even I, having worked for a cellular phone company for 10 years at one point, I see the words merging here.  We know there is a difference between Tablet and Smartphone, but have you see the Ipad Mini or the Galaxy S4. What is happening is all these words refer to some type of nice UI device you can carry around and get to your stuff, surf the web, make a call, etc.  Does it really matter in the end what you call it all, as long as it provides what you are looking for.

Cloud, Hosting

I have myself been guilty of merging these 2 words of late.  The word cloud has come to mean, in my eyes, now pretty much all hosting.  I am completely technically wrong, but am I theoretically wrong?  Not sure. I have put down cloud on a couple VC pitches recently and I am just waiting for somebody to challenge me.  They haven’t.  They get it.  Cloud is inclusive of hosting (in my eyes).  You can argue with me if you want here!

I probably missed a few item here or there.  But hopefully you get the overall drift of these words. They have meaning for everybody in several ways, yet they are merging in meaning overall.  Within the programming world, you have specific conventions, but in the outside world of everyday people, they are just terms we use to help us communicate, so what if accidentally call your Nexus an iPhone?  You will just nod your head, and say “yes”, you meant my Iphone?