10 Top Things To Know About Google Analytics (for the non-analytic pro)

10 Top Things To Know About Google Analytics (for the non-analytic pro)

I had posted this on Linkedin recently and received over 3,000 views across multiple posts.  That original post is right here. Who would ever think that Google Analytics would be that sexy.  And these are just tips:

  1. Use the Google Analytics Mobile App, it works great and gives you answers fast. A lot of people are amazed that it works that well or exists at all.|
  2. Year over Year is the best comparison. When I check to see if there is an anomaly, the best data comparison is last year’s data on the same dates.
  3. Unique Visitors is the real number. Some people get confused with page views and visits, but “unique” means real people.
  4. Sampling. About 18 years ago web analytics gave up on 100% precision and started to use cookies and probability. 90% accurate with less than a 10% error rate is fine for analysis.
  5. Dashboards. Best thing you can do is develop a dashboard! Believe it or not Google has a product called Data Studio that can do about 90% of what you need to dashboard. Check it out!
  6. Data Combos. The best reports come from mixing data from multiple sources giving you interesting and unexpected results. That’s why you should get used to using Excel and pivot tables or SQL to produce a final report.
  7. In almost all Google Analytics reports today there is a dropdown that allows you to apply data from another area to get better results.
  8. Always attach the Google Search Console, so you can see clicks on Google Search links in GA.
  9. Breath deeply and just understand that there are sometimes multiple ways to get the data you need. Start with a question you need to answer.
  10. You don’t have to be an expert. I am constantly amazed how marketing execs and business execs need some tech guy to put a report together. Honestly, you could look in the system yourself if you wanted!

Ok, so, why is Google Analytics (GA) such an important part of web marketing today?  It’s all about the data, and that data can make or break your business.  If you are interested in having me do a quick analysis of your GA and give you some feedback and figure out if there is anything I can do to help you out, I am willing to do that work for free!  So, email me at dgudema@gmail.com or contact me via this website and let’s find out what is happening in your GA!

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